Company Profile

Our Vision.

By 2025 We Become a leading Conglomerate corporate group in Ethiopia.

Our Mission.

To provide the best product and service that can satisfy customers` needs and there by conform with ever changing competition to sufficiently excel and satisfy customers` expectations;

Core Values.

We are committed to delivering quality products and services to its multi-dimensional and wide range its customers consistent with the following values.

Professionalism: operating with utmost responsibility, following standard operating procedures, self-development, hardworking, productive, effective, innovative and efficient collectively and individually,
Excellence: becoming leading in terms of speedy execution, superior quality in the market, with no error and imperfection, becoming the number one choice of clients;
Result orientation: setting clear and challenging objectives of strategic, operational and financial (revenue, cost, profit, & investment returns), and performing with a focus on the established objectives,
Customer Commitment: Being open to understand the needs of our customers and meet through service, innovations and creativity;
Engagement: Valuing the contribution of our workforce as well as rewarding for individual and collective achievement;
Safety: taking all reasonable measures to ensure the safety, health and welfare at work of all employees and other participants in fulfillment of its moral, legal and economic responsibilities;


Background of BEAEKA.

BEAEKA General Business PLC was founded in 2002 EC by two Ethiopian investors by the commercial law of Ethiopia with a paid-up capital of 50,000,000 ETB and is registered by the concerned government authorities to undertake international and domestic businesses. The share holders’ contributions are as tabulated hereunder:

The Company resides in its headquarter, BEAEKA Building, located in Addis Ababa, Gulele sub-city, Addisu Gebeya. The headquarter is a well-established and modernly organized establishment for the smooth operation of various tasks. Currently, the company has more than 5,000 permanent and temporary employees.

By the valuation report of Mulugeta Chartered Valuation Surveyor, the estimated value of fixed assets is 2,061,016,750 ETB on 30th May 2018

BEAEKA General Business PLC is a family-based business engaged in multifaceted business sectors across the country. It is the foremost private sector company and a diversified conglomerate with businesses spanning Grade -I construction as per the country’s top standard, Export, Import, Agriculture with coffee plantation & mechanized oilseed farm, manufacturing of construction inputs like Granite, Marble, Tiles, Paints and in the food industry – edible oil refinery. The Company is acknowledged as one of Ethiopia’s most valuable business corporations and acquired many awards from the Ethiopia Inland Revenue authority and customs office as the best business operator. We have over 5,000 permanent & temporary employees in all of our businesses.