Coffee Production


The Coffee plantation area is an iconic place & is very suitable for coffee growing . It is covered with different natural indigenous small to large trees . Inside the jungle , there are many natural spring waters & rivers . May be for about two months only , the area is out of rain . But for the rest ten months of the year, it is raining in the coffee plantation .


The Soy Bean & Other Oil Crop Farm




The Soy bean & Other oil crop farm ; Located in the Amhara administrative region , Awi zone at Jawi wereda . The farm has been established a year a go . Now it is covered with 1200 hactares of Soy bean plant.








Oil Crop Plantation


To self-sustain and ensure reliable supply of raw material to the edible oil crushing plant located at Tatek indusrial zone, we are establishing a modern farm lay on 10,000 hectare at Benishangul Regional state. The farm sought to be producing twice a year with high-tech irrigation system


Honey Production